what-good (“meant”, not made): Hoaxes about Charlie Hebdo, supermarket, Boston

Though I don’t know about the true happenings in Paris since Jan 7 at Charlie Hebdo’s – these short videos appear to point out the viewable obvious. And that is not what is said to be true!

Here you see pretty relevantly commented videos about

Charlie Hebdo’s office – shot on chair, but blood only (!) at the ground?

After killing at Charlie Hebdo’s the killers flee, comfortably, taking their time, meet one (!) police car, shoot also at them until police flees, and finally the terrorists flee in direction of that police car – and get away totally easy! Hmm… watch that!

1 day after: Strange things about “the blood that has been put there” (where the policeman on the pavement “has been shot in the head”, as media continues to broadcast – though many people have seen this video that was proving that he had not been..)

In front of the supermarket then – policeman shooting through his colleagues! (1 Min.)

A longer scene from supermarket – how the police shoots exactly where all those people come out seconds after (the shots that they don’t fire on each other! ;)) / while police rushes in! – included in a comparison to actions by the Sydney cops.

Beside that you can watch Boston’s “Mr. I’ve been everywhere man” and his “witness” lies, and an urgent call by peekay22:

“Wake up sheeple!!” – hoaxes, and what they lead to.
And now consider again that media continues to broadcast total different realities than what’s obviously!

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  1. Je says:

    huh: most of the videos deleted, YT-account, too!

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