what-good: anonymously, spy saver, “better”; browse, mail, chat

Sometimes its needed to search the net anonymously  and/or without region code. Plus, there are other issues on hiding/showing data about oneself, friends, and projects on the Computer/Device. A summary of what came through me:

Surfing / Browsing:

TorBrowser surf the web anonymously / anonym; all systems/devices. [I use it]
ZenMate Firefox-Plugin, hide country, anonymously / anonym? [I use it]
ProxTube Firefox-Plugin, hide country, (anonymously / anonym?) – pretty slow, double loads pages, sometimes didn’t work [I use/d it]
RequestPolicy recommended to be showing links to totally different domains than one thinks to view / feed, and one can block that [right? Please comment, I didn’t use it yet]

eMails Sending / Receiving:

The Mutt E-Mail Client is called to be working well with GnuPG, and without HTML; operating on “Unix-Systems” which Mac OSX appears also to be..

Messages/Groups / Nachrichten/Kontakte:

WhatsApp (booh?)
Threema / Suisse/Schweiz better, saver, and pretty cheap (~1€ ?) ?


OSX 10.10 Spotlight – loads even Spam-Mail-Links; heise-workaround… [installed it + QLStephen, too; not restarted yet ;]]

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One Response to what-good: anonymously, spy saver, “better”; browse, mail, chat

  1. Je says:

    Interesting to read, and easy to follow tips (“by Edward Snowden”)..

    hmm.. anyway: installed Ghostery, and started to use Spideroak.

    using free “anonymous browsing” by Tor from time to time.

    and on Firefox I also use ZenMate to hide where I am (necessary to see GEMArights-blocked YT-videos in Germany; yknow even Thelonious Monk tunes from more than 50 yrs ago are blocked here sometimes..!); got to register first.

    encrypted mobile communication? starting from 10/12$ a month.

    via 5 Online Privacy Tips From Edward Snowden | Inc.com.

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