‘Jew, Judaism, Jewishness’ – an interview with Bill Alford — Gilad Atzmon

about problems, and solutions:
THAT‘s it!

striking my heart (and/or my soul / my brain?) very deeply – not only because I had a hours-long talk last night coming to this conclusion, among others:
“Rather than finding a solution – the most important thing is:
plus, right before that:
“I am a post-political person: I don’t believe in left or right – I despite activism. Rather than being an activist,
I much prefer to BE very ACTIVE!”
before that he’s very clearly describing the situation around that – also nearly exactly how I got to understand it yet!
seeing forward happily for the rest.. :))
yes, I think its pretty everything in there – including questions (few a dem open), answers (there is no collective by the way ;)), and ways (which sound pretty like what I try to walk, though my way got not too much to do with judaism.. :)).

‘Jew, Judaism, Jewishness’ – an interview with Bill Alford — Gilad Atzmon.

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