what-good (“meant”, not made): Hoaxes about Charlie Hebdo, supermarket, Boston

Though I don’t know about the true happenings in Paris since Jan 7 at Charlie Hebdo’s – these short videos appear to point out the viewable obvious. And that is not what is said to be true!

Here you see pretty relevantly commented videos about

Charlie Hebdo’s office – shot weiter lesen…

what-good, and epical: the (true, and essential!) western standards

“Christian tolerance fuelled by Athenian polytheist universal pluralism is the heart of western thought … it is the rejection of … binarism.” – Essential! (and that word comes from essence!)

Hitting facts* relevantly summarized, clarifying thoughts, useful words..
a splendid, somehow an even epical text – thanks weiter lesen…

what-good: anonymously, spy saver, “better”; browse, mail, chat

Sometimes its needed to search the net anonymously  and/or without region code. Plus, there are other issues on hiding/showing data about oneself, friends, and projects on the Computer/Device. A summary of what came through me:

Surfing / Browsing:

TorBrowser surf the web anonymously / anonym; all systems/devices. [I use it]
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