what-good: Life – decisions, selfishness / gratefulness / love, light and wisdom

Life –
decisions, selfishness / gratefulness / love, light and wisdom


“Human life is a series of decisions, at birth, unknown, but as we become conscious, they are made each moment of each day. Because of this, we must become aware of what is of value to us and who is of value to us in our lives. As a child, obviously, we value our mother the most because we are aware, at some deep as well as at some conscious level, that she is not only the person who gave us birth, but who also watches over us the most, and, at some level, cares the most and is most protective of us.

As we go further in life, we make many acquaintances, and some become our friends. However,at an early age, we assume these acquaintances who seem nice to us, are our friends: they make us feel good, they praise us, they do things that please us, they boost our egos, they tell us who they think we are (and this can be very good or very dangerous because they may give us an image of ourselves that may be misleading or can lead us into a path that is the wrong path for our life, but fits who they want to see us, though it is not who we really are). Only later, when we have matured more, and understood that reality in which we live, do we realize that they are not necessarily friends, but that they are only acquaintances. We may realize this difference when difficult times come and we recognize who stands by us, and who drifts when the sunshine leaves; who offers us that deep understanding beyond  or whose words speak to our heart, or those who offer us unconditional love (not a love that is based on using one another, or abuse ) and the wisdom to help you become a better and less selfish person (for selfishness is always around us as humans, even among the best of us).

At this time, we may also be learning of Allah/ God, the beneficent, the merciful creator of the world, the one we must always be grateful to for creating us and giving us the good fortune called “our life.”
This influence helps us now find the right path of our lives through how deeply we probe this Relationship and appreciate our blessings. If we are gracious, we share these blessings; if we are selfish, we are stingy with them and do not share or care about our fellow human beings or God’s gifts.

So it is that we make decisions now, based on values and evaluations, no longer on fantasies or misunderstandings of value or qualities. This does not mean that we have become jaded or hard hearted, it means rather, that we have come to see reality in a new light, a light of truth, honesty, and in the light of wisdom.”
Al Hajj Muhammad Ibn Muhammad; 1213 A.D. Cordoba, Espana

From his, The Art of Making Wise and Godly Decisions (adapted by Prof. sam hamod, phd 8.20.15)

© Al MuQadima, Hajj Muhammad Ibn Muhammad, New Light Islamic Press 2.1.2014

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