what-good: Detoxification!? ”Try This Simple Detox Drink“

what-good: Detoxification!? ”Try This Simple Detox Drink“

I didn’t try yet, but sounds good – and wouldn’t harm, right?
Ich hab’s wohl noch nicht probiert,klingt aber .. gut: ”Detoxification is a healthy and natural way to help your body get rid of harmful toxins.When your body eliminates harmful toxins, the fat that is stored to help weiter lesen…

what-good new ideas/concept bout music while listening: „Jazz is my Jihad“

Jazz is my Jihad – 3 Minutes A

What Gilad says about different perception and workaround with time in arabic music – reminds me of old times:
Break-Bop, as I called the music we played, Lena and me, sometimes others. – To me it was like stretching and speeding weiter lesen…

GUT IST kostenloses Surfen an deutschen Bahnhöfen (d/e; what good that its free to surf at train stations)

Die Telekom bietet an z.Z. 105 Bahnhöfen die Möglichkeit, kostenfrei per WLAN zu surfen – limitiert auf 30 Minuten (berichtet heise –klick!–)!
Telekom offers the opportunity to use Wifi at 105 train stations for free – limited to 30 min.

Man schaut nach dem WLAN-Netz “Telekom”, öffnet weiter lesen…