something good in the world:))

what´s´it like
– for YOU?

live is a continuum
– and thank god for that

there has to be – something good in this world –
and music is one of them – and JAZZ is some of them –
(whats good to me may be bad for somebody else – thats the way the world is – I can’t help that)
(I just have to go by whats positive, good, helpful…
…to: ME!)
and thats what Jazz has been!

its an excellent … model for a … person being serious … and trying to accomplish – as you know
– and what you’re reaching for … is sth of thy high nature:
the whole idea of Jazz and music

I mean its almost a blessing, its a gift…
…”I wanna play music! I wanna do!”

and ah…
#1 consider yourself very fortunate!
#2 live the best life that you could live!
you’re on the right track!!


“there is nothing to worry about, you have nothing to fear
– if you can look the (wo)man in the mirror in the face
– then everything is gonna be OK!
I’m not afraid of anything”

I look at that every morning
“thats what i wanna do with my life!”:))

I am so happy –
thats what I wanna do!

thats exactly what life is:
don’t care whats happening around you:


have to know:
you’re doing – what you wanna do –
knowing that you’re doing something:
if thats what you feel,
if thats what the guy looking back at you says “OK”:
do THAT!

THAT way:
Whatever happens in the world –
it doesn’t affect:

it doesn’t affect:

its about YOU
doing what you want to do
– in a positive way!

its committed to memory
– and i picked it up right: you’ve been blessed,
and ah…

now I wanna play!

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