what-good new ideas/concept bout music while listening: „Jazz is my Jihad“

Jazz is my Jihad – 3 Minutes A

What Gilad says about different perception and workaround with time in arabic music – reminds me of old times:
Break-Bop, as I called the music we played, Lena and me, sometimes others. – To me it was like stretching and speeding up the time sometimes. Though, at least averagely, within the bars of the tune mostly.. Similar: The leaving out of bunches of notes, kicks and harmonies, while adding whatever around the tune or completely different, just a bit or explosions of..
(Oh, I realize: THAT is makes most, at least improvised, music to music – good – to me! ;)).

And I realized that this old kind of playing is one dimension / layer too limited, right?
A complete new and wider sense of wideness of those bars, or beyond bars – and get it while play it within the whole group, wow, that is a wonderful experience – THAT I WANT TO MAKE (again)!!! :)) )

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