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Video in Dropbox…So far they are away now – all these people that are important to me, and to whom’s benefit I tried to act, who’s health and feeling good my life through seemed to be the only influenceable development (except inside of myself) and the only thing I cared about. Getting more successful in some of these issues. As successless as before in others, even when trying to stay more connected, more direct and spending more time. Anyway, a few days before I realized all that (and got surprised by even more) I stated “after decades it seems that there are now peaceful times and pretty good relationships to all my beloved”. Which was not true even then. But one of very few times, if ever, I had the feeling that it would be like this: Peaceful, nice, even beautiful, constructive, sympathizing and caring for each other – as “normal” as exceptional.
Some few are fading in. Again, after decades or years of misunderstandings. Some more than expected seem to be also fading away somehow. Anyway. Very few is left over around me. As well as in me. Lovability interrupted, love seems like frozen to maybe some day find another subject.

Some things I expressed through the years:

My Friend (Is It So?)

English and deutsche Lyrics. To a very old friend. Und an eine alte Liebe, Freundin, Bekannte, scheinbar gar Feindin. 2013 (Video), updated version in past form 2015 (MP3). My Friend lyrics+YouTube-Info (Text-Datei)…

Video in Dropbox… ·

      My Friend 2015 M_EXT_41 - iJeLo


Every Lickle Thing I Say Is True (1.16 min.)…

In dramatic situation / family. To a main actor in this, knowing that there’s base for but not granting to trust me. Etwa 2004.


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