Dear Nahida (public)

[I don’t know if you ever logged into the password-protected page to you, Dear-Nahida… – here is another one, not protected, but also not listed anywhere yet..]

Today I was able to sing, and I did sing, your lyrics ’Love Grows Forever’. On a sound of ’The Sound Defects’, ’Faded Soul’..
Not too impressing, I guess. Anyway, here you find the versions before and after all this mess happened around here (today all of them met twice, my mother messaged that I should come, and everyone of them would love me..! Naturally / logically I couldn’t / shouldn’t come, didn’t see any of my beloved for about 4 weeks now; except my older, my half-sister):

Today, Feb 18 (my sister’s 43th birthday; she came over with her kids, celebrating first her and then my son’s birthday, with my daughter, mother, father, my son’s family and some of their friends), I recorded for the first time, at 20.01h. Thinking of and feeling with myself, my beloved (my mother said that my daughter is feeling very bad/sad!?!) as well as you and your beloved and all the beloved, embracing all:

      LoveGrowsForever-TheOnlyAfter-record20180218200146 - Nahida Izzat (lyrics) Sound Defects (music) i (vocals)


Jan 24, one day (exactly 23.30 hours before) my last talk / telephone call with my daughter Mila Naïla (then I was in the middle of some struggles and stress, but nevertheless feeling good, to be acting good / reasonable / constructive, and somehow be on the right way) – as I already mentioned: I was singing like I wanted to sing, but felt that some should and heart was missing within. Id didn’t hear that version since:

      No Matter – Love Grows Forever 180124 KodakHandy

Then, while optimizing and converting to put these sounds on this page, I found and listened again to an improvised piece from Sept 2017, 12 days before my daughter’s 17th birthday. It is an outcry and a – while singing! – developed and manifested revelation to myself and all of us: In fact we are fighting for the same and just could unite in that struggle – everything else is blurring the cause and blocking any solution: All Of Us, Sep 10, 2017

      All Of Us - Our Rights - 2017-09-10


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