what-good, and epical: the (true, and essential!) western standards

“Christian tolerance fuelled by Athenian polytheist universal pluralism is the heart of western thought … it is the rejection of … binarism.” – Essential! (and that word comes from essence!)

Hitting facts* relevantly summarized, clarifying thoughts, useful words..
a splendid, somehow an even epical text – thanks weiter lesen…

what-good: anonymously, spy saver, “better”; browse, mail, chat

Sometimes its needed to search the net anonymously  and/or without region code. Plus, there are other issues on hiding/showing data about oneself, friends, and projects on the Computer/Device. A summary of what came through me:

Surfing / Browsing:

TorBrowser surf the web anonymously / anonym; all systems/devices. [I use it]
weiter lesen…

make music – fireworks in your brain / makes you smarter..

wonderful video: what happens by playing music – https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=757219510993856

another video shows facts about the brain of musicians – increasing capabilities by playing music, not necessarily more than 10.000 hours, plus there’s a short graphic on Facebook showing how much.



Gut, weil aufwühlend tatsächlich: Dieser Film “Antisemitismus” (und Antisemitismus)

“Die Verleumdung – Die Wahrheit über den Antisemitismus”
ein Film
(teilweise synchronisiert) eines Juden aus Israel

(nach 2/3): ich fühle mich ziemlich durchgeschüttelt – von diesen vielen Aspekten, Informationen, Menschen – die alle eigentlich nur “Gutes” im Sinn zu haben scheinen, und doch so unterschiedliche Konsequenzen daraus ziehen. Tief weiter lesen…